Moodle at Yell

E-learning at Yell was created using a range of free tools. The LMS was a Moodle installation, models were developed with CourseLab and podcast used Audacity and Garage Band. It was a little rough and ready in comparison to what I use now, but in terms of resources was a low cost solution for high impact. Both centres and our out of hours staff benefitted from all that was on offer.

  • Moodle at Yell 118 247

    The front screen for the Moodle installation making use of a Facebook theme
    Moodle at Yell 118 247
  • Courselab in action

    The authoring tool Courselab showing it's interface for developing simple content.
    Courselab in action
  • Front screen

    A standardised front screen for refresher topics
    Front screen
  • Management development example

    An example of a simple reminder screen from the delivering awkward messages module
    Management development example
  • Round Up Podcasts

    Recorded by agents from 118 247, round up was an 'on occasion' look at market knowledge and the changes that had taken place relevant to directory enquiries
    Round Up Podcasts
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