Other learning ideas

There are many other ideas that I have used over the years. Mind maps, group work, YouTube, e-learning and informal learning. These are some of my favourites.

  • Jigsaws

    Take an A0 plotter, a laminator and a warped sense of fun and the result is a giant version of a childhood classic.
  • Group work

    Finding UK locations using road maps and post it notes.
    Group work
  • Youtube

    With the benefit of a green room and the software tools to do the job, Youtube videos were easy to compile. This was how Communication Assistant integrates with Exchange server.
  • E-learning

    A simple method of information transfer with the challenge of trying too make dry subjects interesting. The use of cartoons and colourful graphics helped to convey the information whilst keeping attention. Created using iSpring
  • Informal learning

    A weekly mailshot on time management was followed up by a series of questions designed to help a group of very busy people learn in a very small space of time.
    Informal learning
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